Week 4- Further Digital Photography (Shutter Speed)

For this weeks task shutter speed was our focus. Shutter speed determines how much light is let pass into the lens of a camera. A slow shutter speed allows a lot of light in therefore showing less detail and creating a motion blur of the moving subject. For high shutter speeds an object could be moving very quickly but by allowing less light in, the end product is a detailed photograph.

I had to decide on a particular place and subject to show different shutter speeds effectively. My front garden was the perfect. It was a rather windy day so I hung the very edge of a tissue to a branch on a bare tree so the effect could be clearly seen.

The first photo I took was of the tissue at a fast shutter rate. This snapped the tissue moving with the image still clear as well as the background images.

high shutter speedThe faster shutter speed has allowed me to take a photo of the tissue while it is blowing without losing the clear focus of the object. In my opinion this shows how effective a faster shutter speed is when capturing a fast-moving object. The detail of the object makes it clearly identifiable that it is a tissue.

An interesting tutorial I found on the internet was courtesy of an online community called, “Cambridge in Colour”. The website explained the different uses of shutter speed and how the effects could be maximized. There was also a shutter speed calculator that gives you the “minimum shutter speed needed to make a moving subject appear sharp in an 8×10 inch print.” The calculator is a useful tool if you needed a photo for demonstration in an e-journal on the uses of shutter speed as the images would have to perfect to illustrate effectively. shutter speed 2

The second image I took used a slower shutter image. The tissue seemed to take on a life of its own in the photo becoming quite ghostly. I can see how photographers in the early 20th Century used the effect of shutter speed to fool people into thinking they had taken a photograph of a spectre.

My subject blurs in the image to show how when more light pours through a lens it can create  a dream like effect in the photograph.


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