Week 6- Editing Digital Images

I had a lot of fun on this weeks task. The task was selecting a photograph on Retouch Pros’ restoration challenge section which I then edited and played around with a few of the features to try to bring the photograph back to life. The program I used for this task was Picasa. I found it very easy to upload and edit images using Picasa. All of the tools were easy to find along the left side. I also thought the having the undo button so easily accessible it allowed for some exploration of different techniques.

Before Image
The restoration challenge I chose was #100 and the image was of a girl posing for a portrait photograph. As you can see the image was quite damaged with rust stains and was missing some parts of the photograph around the edges.
My plan for this photograph was to keep an authentic feel for the image whilst repairing enough of the damage.
I started by clearing up the rust stains. I used the retouch tool to clone parts of the image that were similar in colour to the damaged part so it replaces it. I was careful using the one spot to retouch some areas because the pattern becomes grainy if it used over and over on the one spot and can look unrealistic.

After Image
I changed the contrast of image; I added more shadow around her face and hair to highlight those features. I also softened the image too using a filter. I was happy with the colour and filters so I went back to retouch any areas of damage that showed up after using the filters. Some areas of damage did show up so it is always a good idea to re-examine the image so that it holds its integrity. Finally the missing areas of the image around the edges were too severe to fix so the best option was to get rid of them. I used the cropping tool in Picasa to take them out of the photo. If I left the damage there it would detract from the real subject of the image therefore losing its focus.  Here is the image after my restoration attempts; I hope you like it.


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