Week 11- Digital Photography

Our last project, the digital photography portfolio, was a challenging one. I had never looked at taking photographs in a professional sense. In class we learned a lot about the depth of field and aperture as well as the rule of thirds that I found helped me most.

When deciding on what theme to go with I have always had an interest in buildings and how the appearance and materials used have changed over time. So I looked at framing contrasting buildings that were in near to each other so that the difference could convey a powerful message.


Polished Marble & Concrete

I made sure not to include the entire buildings in the frame because the theme would have lost some of its message. I took photographs with blocks of one building beside the side of the other one. This worked well as it showed the difference the DOF and how it is used to make it seem that the buildings are right on top of each other. I also used the sky in a couple of the shots as a reference for and I think it created some interesting angles for the frame.

I labelled each photograph with a title I thought would show the viewer my clear direction with each shot.


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