Week 9- Digital Photgraphy Portfolio

I have completed tasks already involving aperture, DOF and shutter speed as well as retouching an image too using digital editing tools.

This week I really have had to get thinking about what theme I am going to use for my photographic portfolio. To complete my portfolio I have to produce six high quality photographs that contain all aspects of what we worked on in previous weeks. They don’t have to show how we use those techniques but to merge the different techniques providing an overall effective shot is the key to the assignment.

I have to say choosing my theme has been a very difficult task. I know that picking a subject that I find interesting is the best way to narrow down the choices. Particular subjects I do have an interest in is American Football, Soccer and Horse Racing. When I was in London recently for the American Football I happened stay near the financial district around Tower Bridge. I went in search of ‘The Gherkin’ building so I took a few photographs of that. The building is fine as a subject but in terms of finding a theme for it; I struggled.

'The Gherkin' at a distance

‘The Gherkin’ distance shot

Here is my shot of the Gherkin building from a distance. The subject of the photograph is clear to see but the theme is not.

I traveled closer to the Gherkin and I looked around for inspiration. Upon arrival at the Gherkin I saw it standing beside a building that had stood there for over a hundred years. Suddenly a thought turned the light on in my head; the theme could be buildings old and new.

I started to take photographs around the Gherkin trying to capture a photograph of the two buildings in the one shot. This took a few minutes; I moved on to find other subjects to fit the theme.

Only about a mile away the new skyscraper called ‘The Shard’ and in its midst an old spire of a church that was now home to a tourist information office.

Old and New- Pic 2

‘The Shard & Chapel’

The original idea for ‘The Shard’ was inspired “by the railway lines next to the site, the London spires depicted by the 18th- Century Venetian painter Canaletto, and the masts of sailing ships.

I was happy with these two subjects following my theme of ‘Old and New’. I took a shot of the two buildings lying down so that I was staring into the sky. With the blue of the sky in the background it created a wonderful canvas to highlight the two buildings creating a clear focus.

Old and New- Pic 1

‘The Gherkin’

When I got home I looked through the photographs I took of the Gherkin and I managed to find one that got the two buildings into the same frame. I think it shows a wonderful contrast of the two buildings with the old building seeming to lean on the new one.

Now I will be on the lookout for different subjects to complete my photography portfolio. I would welcome any comments on my photographs to let me know that I am going in the right direction in terms of theme because if it isn’t I still have time on my side to reconsider my ideas.