Week 8- Online Digital Presentation

Our next big assignment was an online digital presentation using the digital presentation tool, Prezi. I looked around the website and it had examples of Presentations highlighting its interactive capabilities. The animations and graphics were very impressive. I also liked the way the presentations are not linear and each slide uses in different places around the screen. There is very little constriction in terms of where you place the content and what content you want to use.

I quickly decided on the subject of the Audio Podcast and more specifically how to create an RSS feed. The Audio Podcast was an earlier assignment I completed for the course and I particularly enjoyed the aspects of creating the content for the podcast but also finding out how to use the different platforms to make my Audio podcast available to as many potential listeners as possible.

In Prezi we had to start with a blank template so that allowed me the freedom of incorporating any ideas that I had. It also was difficult at first because I was given so much scope; it makes it hard to narrow down the choices!!! I did eventually decide to use an RSS icon as the centre piece to my presentation. I used a background for RSS feed that made the icon seem beamed by satellite around the world. The message I tried to convey was that the RSS feed is accessible accessed everywhere.

With the RSS feed icon there were existing bubbles used in the design in the top right hand corner and I thought they were perfect to hold some of my frames. I placed the other circular frames in the rainbow shaped designs in the center of the icon. The content I placed in the frames were a step by step guide on how to create and post a link to your RSS feed into a page on a WordPress account. I explained that as well as using external websites such as Feedburner (a service run by Google that allows you to create a self hosted RSS feed) you can use a website to host your RSS feed for you and I used Podomatic. This RSS feed can then be subscribed to Apples iTunes site. A person has to send a podcast that has no unsuitable language. iTunes reviews the podcast and validates it so that any user in the world that locates it on iTunes can subscribe to it.

As well as placing a link to my Feedburner RSS feed I also added a link to my iTunes RSS feed. These two links were out in a separate page entitled ‘Audio Podcast’.

The last and most important part of the assignment was to make sure that all the links provided were working properly. There would be point in going through all the previous steps just to fall at the final hurdle! Luckily they all worked for me.

That was just a summary of the steps I used in the Prezi presentation. My main hope for my presentation was that as well as providing a fun, interactive experience that the viewer was also shown in a clear way how to successfully use RSS feeds to deliver your subject of choice used in your audio podcast to the rest of the internet community.

Prezi Digital Presentation

Week 7- Audio Podcast

Hi everyone, this week I am talking about my audio podcast I created. I first had to decide on a subject to discuss in the podcast. The podcasts time limit two minutes long and we could not go over that so having to stay within the time frame was challenging. I chose to talk about what I have learned in the course so far. I wrote out a the first draft of the potential content I was going to place in the audio podcast. I then arranged it into a written speech. The next step was timing myself reading it out and then I saw it was over the two minutes. The next part was fun condensing down the information in the podcast, quality control.

After I finished tinkering with  the content I recorded it on my laptop with the Audacity program. Before I recorded the podcast I needed to find a suitable place to record it. The place had to have soft furnishings as we learned in class if there are too many hard surfaces such as concrete the sound bounces off them and creates unwanted background noise. I  tried a few places such as my room; I covered the walls with towels but it is a small, angular room so it didn’t work out. I found my location…in my car. The key was that there was no wind and I live in a quiet area so there is little passing traffic. I took my laptop into the car and made my recording. I was happy with the results because when I was editing the piece I found little background noise. I took out a few unwanted pauses and faded in and out podcast.

The next stage in the process of successfully uploading an audio podcast was to send the podcast online and create an RSS feed that viewers can subscribe to. I also uploaded my audio podcast to iTunes. The website I used for my self hosted audio podcast was Feed Burner. This is a website that creates an RSS feed for you in a few easy steps. I also used a host site called Podomatic to host my RSS feed for me.

To complete the task I went into my WordPress account; set up a new page titled ‘Audio Podcast’ and pasted my RSS feed links into the browser. That has allowed other viewers of my page easy access to listen to my Audio Podcast.

Here is a link to my WordPress Audio Podcast page where all my RSS links are available for subscription. Alternatively you can get access to the Audio Podcast at the top of this blog and click the link titled, ‘Audio Podcast’.